The holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to ensure cardholders use your card for their online spendings. After all, more consumers will shop online than in-store during this holiday season. And with over 70% of Americans gearing up to swipe—or manually enter—their cards, why not give them the solution to easily update payment cards wherever they plan to check out online?

CardUpdatr™ provides a cardholder experience that puts your card on file for holiday shopping.

During the holiday season, shoppers rely on Black Friday and Cyber Week to score the best limited-time deals. CardUpdatr can capitalize on these high spending months by powering Financial Institutions to cast a larger net for their card reach, so when their cardholders shop online, that FI’s card is already on file and Top of Wallet®. Cards-on-file guarantee a future of frictionless checkout experiences for cardholders and lasting revenue for the FI.

CardUpdatr enables cardholders to store your card on file on all the top Black Friday and Cyber Week sites at one time, in one simple process.

With Strivve’s easy-to-implement technology, you can secure cardholder loyalty and decrease cart abandonment when holiday shoppers use their e-commerce accounts. CardUpdatr is a secure web-and-mobile application that lets cardholders quickly and easily update cards on their online accounts, putting your card on file for holiday shopping.

Cardholders are sick of inputting their card number repeatedly on sites due to new, expired, lost, damaged or hacked cards. CardUpdatr fixes all of these problems. If you want to capitalize on all of this year’s online holiday purchases, choose to deliver a better experience. 

Give cardholders the gift of frictionless checkout.

card on file for the holidays

Strivve can brand CardUpdatr and have it ready within a week. During this holiday shopping season, don’t let your card get lost in the shuffle. Last year, Cyber Monday generated the most online sales in e-commerce history. With such significant revenue potential, why wouldn’t you integrate multiple benefits into one comprehensive solution?