Introducing CardUpdatr™

The first application that instantly updates any card where cardholders shop and make payments online keeping your card Top of Wallet®.

Protect and increase transaction volume by getting your card on file at more sites, immediately!


Every card issued is an opportunity to gain or lose business.

Card issuance does not end at activation.  Getting cards registered as the default card-on-file with each cardholder’s e-commerce accounts is integral to boosting transaction volume and ultimately revenue.

In today’s environment, cardholders expect instant access to payment cards at online and mobile checkouts.  What they get instead is unexpected, frustrating declined transactions and the burden of manually updating cards on file.  For issuers, the result is lost revenue and declining cardholder satisfaction.  Issuers have not been able to deliver a comprehensive solution—until now.

How do you make your card the Top of Wallet®? To maintain and grow your transaction volume, cards must be easy to use, not just as a swipe or tap at a retail checkout, but as the card-on-file at your cardholder’s e-commerce accounts, which today are the fastest growing share of spend.

The CardUpdatr app is for web and mobile devices,
100% issuer branded and hosted by Strivve.

CardUpdatr is powered by Strivve’s CardSavr® platform, a secure and flexible, cloud-based solution that uniquely combines a scalable machine learning engine and patent-pending artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • No development resources needed
  • Production ready in days
  • Versatile use case possibilities

This unique solution easily enhances existing online assets and cardholder experiences enabling real-time card-on-file provisioning that directly impacts revenue.

Autonomous browser technology performs the card updates on the cardholder’s selected e-commerce sites and saves it on their behalf. The entire process of updating payment information online is carried out in seconds.
Powered By CardSavr

How it works for Cardholders

Zero Integration

Getting started is simple and requires zero integration

  1. Provide Strivve with a few details about your card portfolio and branding assets.
  2. Within days, your branded CardUpdatr app is ready to provision your card on e-commerce accounts.
  3. Share your CardUpdatr link with your cardholders using existing communication channels!
  4. Watch your transaction volume and revenue grow while increasing cardholder loyalty and satisfaction.

Upgrade your card business with CardUpdatr

Make your card Top of Wallet® with the only service that helps cardholders simply and instantly update cards everywhere they pay online.
Increase transaction volume and card revenue by getting cards into circulation faster and on more sites. With CardUpdatr, you gain insight into where cardholders store your card online while making it easier for cardholders to manage their cards.

Provide a frictionless cardholder experience and inspire your customers to use your cards.
The CardUpdatr application’s streamlined process updates any card on any payment site. With CardUpdatr, cardholders get the most out of your card and increase customer lifetime value.

Reap the benefits of Strivve’s CardSavr Platform immediately.
Powered by the CardSavr Platform, CardUpdatr is deployed and hosted by Strivve to provide your organization the ability to offer card-on-file updates, increasing card reach within days.



CardUpdatr adheres to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Services (PCI DSS) v3.2.1 requirements by utilizing a stateless app, strong encryption/tokenization, and communication only over secure channels.

CardUpdatr will never:

  • Read, pull, or scrape any data, including PII (Personally Identifiable Information).
  • Scrape Financial Institution’s information to compare services or create personalized promotions.

Let’s get started.

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