Frequently Asked Questions

What is CardSavr?2018-12-12T11:56:39-07:00

CardSavr is a service that allows you to perform credit card update actions directly against website using an API based autonomous browser platform.

Are you really just a screen scraper?2018-12-12T12:00:47-07:00

No. Screen scrapers only provide read capability and can often burden websites with additional load as the repeatedly perform their scraping functions. CardSavr utilizes autonomous browsers that interact with websites in much the same way people do.

Are you an aggregator?2018-12-12T12:03:29-07:00

No. Aggregators pull information from a variety of sources and attempt to create a universal transaction log for all your activity. They then parse this data over time and attempt to show recurring and non-recurring payments.

Using our autonomous browsing platform, CardSavr can show that it is the primary card on file, if there are cards on file, and if the payment is recurring. You don’t have to aggregate transaction data to know if a card is on file – with detection we can know what card is where.

How do I get a developer account?2018-12-12T12:23:29-07:00

If your company has already signed up for CardSavr, your administrator can create your account.

If your company has not already signed up, contact us here.

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