“Alexa, Update My Credit Card” – CardSavr® API Leads Voice and Fintech Convergence

CEO Chris Hopen to Share Insights on the Fintech-Voice Convergence at the Premier VOICE Summit on July 26 at 1:30 p.m., at the New Jersey Institute of Technology


Voice coupled with the company’s CardSavr API will allow millions of credit cards and payment sources to be immediately and safely provisioned to thousands of merchant sites at any time with “one command.” Online retailers and credit card issuers will increase revenue and enhance convenience for cardholders by providing a virtual payments concierge. Cardholders will no longer have to remember passwords or other details when managing their cards on file.

Example Voice Commands Possible with CardSavr API:

  • “What card do I have on file at BestBuy.com?”
  • “Update my autopay information on Comcast.”
  • “What is my billing address at Amazon?”
  • “I have a new credit card; can you add it to my Netflix account?”

Strivve Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Hopen will share his insights about the fintech-voice convergence and Strivve’s role on the panel “Fintech’s Leads of the Voice-first Revolution” at the VOICE Summit in New Jersey, July 26, at 1:30 p.m.

“Strivve has been preparing for the convergence of voice and fintech and brings an exclusive approach with our CardSavr API that can advance the evolution of voice technology and fintech,” said Hopen. “The ability to securely manage your online payments with natural language processing technology can be applied to existing payment processes and financial infrastructures, today. CardSavr API can be integrated immediately into banking apps, websites, and other financial technology platforms without changing the inherent environment,” added Hopen.

Hopen is a technology veteran and entrepreneur who also founded Tappin, which was acquired by Globalscape in 2011. Hopen was also a Co-founder and CTO of Aventail, one of the first SSL VPN companies. Aventail was acquired by Sonicwall in 2007.

Strivve has already garnered national industry attention from financial, credit card and retail leaders during the last several months, due to its recent announcements.

“The growth of voice payments is poised to accelerate exponentially faster than mobile payments. It will look like a transformation from horse and carriage to bullet train due to the convenience of voice and fintech. All of this leads to faster growth of profits and frictionless experiences for consumers,” said Mark Weber, CEO of Strum and financial industry marketing expert. “Whoever masters the integration of secure voice-fintech will likely dominate the new wave of consumer payment transactions. Strivve offers the only automation platform that can power the entire virtual ecosystem with strategic, voice-first, experiences that benefit consumers.”

More about CardSavr API

Merchants and card issuers continue to face increasing threats to keep payment cards active. CardSavr is the first and only API to enable card issuers and processors the ability to help cardholders automatically update cards across thousands of merchant sites instantly.

Strivve uses patent-pending, machine-learning technology to build a crowd-sourced database of automated robotic processes. Virtual browser technology performs the card updates on the end user’s selected accounts and saves it on their behalf. The entire process of updating payment information online is carried out in seconds.

To learn more about Strivve’s CardSavr API visit www.strivve.com/cardsavr.

About Strivve, Inc.

Headquartered in Seattle, Strivve creates one-of-a-kind cardholder experiences that inspire loyalty, leading to recaptured and increased card revenue. The company’s secure, proprietary and patent-pending automation technology gives cardholders the ability to manage and update all of their online accounts in one place. You can learn more about Strivve at strivve.com or follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.


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